Nutrition et soins naturels pour chien, chat et équidé en livraison gratuite à domicile

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Profit from your Experience ... An invitation to you to make a steady income from your contacts in the pet world

Husse Affiliates...

  • Earn income from your pet contacts.
  • Get monthly commission payments.
  • Recommend Husse Super Premium food and accessories.
  • Track clients on your computer.
  • Extra discount on your own orders.
  • Get listed on the Husse website.


So, who can be an Affiliate?

Husse wants to partner with people who have specialized knowledge of the dog and cat world; people who carry influence and authority. People who can convince their contacts that Husse products match the best available and that free home delivery is a worthwhile benefit.

Today we have a large network of:

  • Breeders
  • Groomers
  • Dog Walkers, Sitters and Trainers
  • Kennel Owners
  • Club and Group people
  • Rescue or pet welfare people
  • Vets or agencies
  • Anyone with influence with pet owners

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